In 2010, after a decade in health care, I rekindled my passion for design and jumped head first into my own freelance business.

I didn’t start blind- I had studied Creative Writing at Kwantlen College, along with photography and art fundamentals. That was around the time of  the first consumer digital cameras and the launch of Photoshop. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to dabble in manual graphic design, but unlucky enough to be a starving creative who couldn’t afford the new technology. So I traded it all in for more “stable” career in health care and education.

After the birth of my daughter, I began to feel a burning desire to make every moment count. I wanted a purpose and I wanted to use my talents.  I didn’t want to be at a “job” anymore, I wanted to love what I did every moment of every day.

So, I bought my first digital camera and a copy of Adobe CS5. I signed up at and began to upgrade my design skills for the new digital era.  I fell in love with WordPress when I started a hyperlocal blog and was thrust into building sites as paid work on the side of my full time job.  In a year, I was able to dive into my business full-time.

Over the course of the next 4 years, I would begin working for agencies as well as directly to clients.

I grew. Social Media grew. My clients grew.

I now contract to two agencies, We Make Stuff Happen and Heelsdown Media,  where I get to collaborate with some incredibly talented and marketing savvy people. I continue to work directly with small business clients with my own small team of photographers, copywriters and WordPress data entry wizards.   As much as I love taking the lead, planning and consulting, I still love tech,  the hands on and creative work of the design process. I just recently launched my own boutique branding business, Sugar Horse Marketing Design. 

I have been blessed with clients have been with me right from the beginning, and I’ve had the pleasure of helping many of them grow into thriving brands.

These past 6 years have seen huge growth and change in marketing, both print and digital. Brands are now storytellers, advertising is now being created by fans and followers and marketing budgets have grown to accommodate all the new channels available.  Many of my clients have struggled with figuring out what works for them.  That’s where I’ve done some of my best work- looking at the bigger picture, figuring out what story to tell and putting it all together in an compelling design.

If you are interested in working with me on your digital marketing, send me an email or book a consult.

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