Andrea is not only an amazing person but has an incredible work ethic. Her creativity and ideas have helped in the growth and development of the business, as she uses these tools to execute in her web design. She is creative and brilliant in capturing the audience and demographic I can only say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication throughout these many years and helping Oxygen Yoga and Fitness through the growing years

Jen Hamilton, CEO

Andrea at Walker Park Media has been a major key to the success of our business. Her creativity and imagination has taken our marketing to new levels. She is always a pleasure to speak to and very prompt on any issues we may have. I highly recommend Andrea for all your website and marketing needs.

Tonya Makuch, Retail Entrepreneur

Go beyond hiring a web designer.

Many small business owners just like you find themselves overwhelmed with all the digital marketing possibilities. This new era of mobile usage and social media means that small business brands need to have a clear vision of their brand personality,  their target audience and need to make design and marketing decisions that match. You need advice and support from someone you can count on to give you solid, truthful, useful marketing advice.

Do you know your Brand Core Values?

I'm honest. I'm casual. I like things to be real and authentic.  These are my three brand core values. They are part of who I am, and because my business is me, it's also part of my brand. What about your business? Is it guided by a set of values? Brand Values are the...

Part 1 of The Whole Logo/Branding Thing: The Logo!

Your small business branding starts with your logo design or logomark. Essentially, it's the starting point of your  visual branding and a major part of creating that all important impression of your business. A good logo design process should start with a discussion...

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