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I’m honest. I’m casual. I like things to be real and authentic.  These are my three brand core values. They are part of who I am, and because my business is me, it’s also part of my brand.

What about your business? Is it guided by a set of values?

Brand Values are the core of your business branding strategy. They ground your logo, voice and style decisions.  They are not ideals, they are reals. The best brand values come from within: they are not standards to be held to but rather guiding values for your business to live by.

Sometimes brand values come from ideas and goals behind a product.  If your making widgets out of recycled metal,  a core value might be related to sustainability and recycling.

Other core values come from how you want to serve your customers. You may be delivering ink toner, and your goal is to simple put a smile on a client’s face.  Happiness might be your core value because you feel that selling ink toner is only a success when that smile appears.

Core values come from a place beyond the concept of making money.  Yes, I’m in business to provide for me and my family- but I’m also in business to bring simple, honest & authentic marketing concepts to my clients.

So I challenge you to dive deep at take a look at why your in business, why you make the product, opened the store, built the website and come up with your three core values.