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I ran across this pretty cool bit of information on, it’s the 15 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools    I love this kind of stuff, and I’m always looking out for good resources and ideas to share with my clients to help them grow their business with online tools.

So, this cool post I’m referring to looks at a wide variety of tools to help with content marketing, lead generation, conversion, social marketing, email marketing, graphics and CRM.  These are all areas where small business could really use products that help them streamline, simplify and focus their marketing efforts.

  1. Buzzsumo –  helps you plan content by providing stats on previously published online content. Base Price per month $99
  2. Mention- track keyphrases and discussions on you and/or your brand and/or your competitor. Base price per month $29
  3. Autosend- personalized email and text messages based on what the customer has done on your website  $69 per month
  4. Oktopost – manage your social campaigns. Base price $55 per month
  5. Picreel – capture visitors that bounce off your site $24 per month
  6. Tropical – CRM app $89 per month
  7. Socedo – automated social media lead generation $100 per month
  8. Canva- “Canva enables anyone to become a designer”  Free.
  9. Openr- create call to action links for social media. Free
  10. Uberflip – aggregate your content into one cool hub  $200 per month
  11. Person- visualize your target customer. Free
  12. (Disclaimer  Referralsnip mentioned in the article no longer seems to exist)

So, let’s do the math. If your interested in taking advantage of these products for your business, that will cost you $565 per month. What I want to know, is this $565 per month to simplify your marketing efforts affordable for your small business?