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If you don’t have good, quality content on your website- that is the copy (the words written), photos and/or video,  interactive widgets and social media plugins –  then your wasting  your cyberspace.

But equally important to quality of content is having enough content to fill up the pages of your website

A classic example of where content is key is at your local deli counter.  A deli counter must be full to be marketable. It doesn’t have to be big, is just has to be full.  If your looking through the glass at all that food, you want to see bowls filled to the brim all alongside cheese and sausage neatly packed together.  You may not be conscious that you want to see this, but if has been proven over and over again that customers buy from a full deli counter.

Ever been to a sparse deli counter?  I have, and the first thing I think is …how fresh is that food? Then, being the finicky person I am,  I walk on by.

And just like that, your finicky website visitors will click away from your website if it looks too sparse.

Your website is the same. Each  page must be full to the brim with content (not spilling over the sides, but full). I have clients who have big plans for the future of their websites, and that is fantastic. But if they don’t have the content to support it now, I tell them to leave it for later: ie.  don’t even think about publishing a page that says “coming soon”.  Publish what you have, and don’t spread it thin.

Keep your pages full like the case at the deli counter and have customers (or visitors) buy into your website.